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“Macho Man” memories

Macho Man Randy Savage: 11/15/1952 - 05/20/2011

Yesterday, the world lost one of the most recognizable faces in the history of professional wrestling. Randy “Macho Man” Savage died yesterday after having an apparent heart attack while driving and crashing into a tree in Seminole, Florida.  Although his wife was a passenger in the vehicle, she survived after receiving only minor injuries.

In a business where you grow up either “hating” or loving a superstar, Randy Savage was one of those guys that I never had a problem with. I enjoyed his many battles with Ric Flair over the years, along with his tension with arguably wrestling’s biggest star Hulk Hogan.

Savage felt like one of the legitimate crazy guys in wrestling, a guy who may have not been acting all that much.
Besides his many unique promos, I have a couple of favorite memories of Macho that I’d like to share:

  • Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior in a retirement match, back when you actually thought you would never see the wrestlers again. Most people remember this match for the reunion afterwards between Savage and his real-life wife at the time, Miss Elizabeth. As memorable as that moment was, I remember the match because of the five elbow drops that Savage delivered that would not put down the Warrior. FIVE.  The funniest moment though, belongs to the finish, in which Warrior delivers what seemed like 52 shoulder blocks at the time. With each shoulder block, Savage would go flying out of the ring. After the final block, Warrior put Savage in the middle of the ring and stood with one foot on Savage for the three count. I looked at it as a complete slap in the face of Savage at the time.
  • On the January 22th, 1996 edition of “Monday Nitro,” Savage won his second WCW World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Ric Flair. This was a big moment for me, as I hated Flair and loved Savage. I was glad anytime Flair lost, once cheering for Alex Wright(If you don’t know him, look up pictures prior to 1999) to defeat Flair on Saturday Night Main Event.  After watching Savage never being able to defeat Hogan cleanly, it was refreshing to see him defeat Ric Flair.

Although he is gone and I no longer care as much as I did for wrestling, the Macho Man will never be forgotten in the hearts of wrestling purists and fans alike. I imagine Savage is probably coming off a top rope in heaven as I type this post. Let’s just hope he can get the three count this time.

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