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7 of my favorite moments from 90’s sitcoms

I came to terms with the fact that I enjoy television more than the normal person about two years ago to this day. I had just finished a power run through four seasons of “Heroes.” Anyone who has ever watched this show beyond the first season will tell you that to complete four seasons has to be equal to some form of torture. But I somehow powered through this frustrating series because I was attracted to the central story arch. The first season allowed me to become invested in Hiro & Peter and concerned for their general safety. Hour-long dramas tend to do that to their audiences in ways that movies sometimes can’t do with 90-120 minutes of screen time.

But before I started watching shows of the hour variety, situational comedies always caught my interest. The mid-90’s Fox lineup along with TGIF were some of the most entertaining blocks of television I can remember. Go and mention details from a specific episode of Family Matters” within a group of people and watch how the conversations goes from memory after memory of the show.

While on one of my “visionary streams of consciousness,” my thoughts traveled from sitcom to sitcom before I decided that, hey…maybe I should blog about it! So without further ado, here are seven of my favorite moments from 90’s sitcoms, all chosen by if I’m still laughing at them at the close of 2013:

7) Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air – Ashley asks Will about Sex

Best Lines:

Ashley: Besides, we’ve already discussed all the technical stuff. I mean, I know all about eggs, fallopian tube-
Will(standing up): Am I gonna have to wash your mouth out with soap young lady!?

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” makes my short list of favorite tv shows I’ve ever watched and this was one of the funniest scenes for me. Young Ashley and her new boyfriend debate taking their relationship to another level but the thought scares the both of them. Ashley decides to confide in her hip, older cousin Will. Not only is the scene hilarious but also ironic because Will tries to talk Ashley out of sex, the younger cousin reminds him that he the kind of girls he likes do the exact opposite of what he’s telling her. It was one of the earliest moments of watching a kid from Philadelphia grow into a mature man.

Watch for: Will’s terrible early-mid nineties fashion sense and his attempts at inserting himself into Ashley’s date.

6) My Brother & Me – Alfie & Goo confront Big Lou

Best Lines:

Alfie: Which one of you is Lou?
Big Lou: Who wants to know?

How did this show only last thirteen episodes?!? Anyone who watches this show feels like it was at least three seasons probably because of how long it ran in syndication. This was my favorite episode, “The Big Bully.” Dee-Dee is getting beat up by a bully at school and comes to Alfie & Goo for help. After a failed attempt at teaching him to fight, Alfie & Goo decides to confront Big Lou themselves….only to find Big Lou is a she. Almost 20 years after this episode premiered, I still quote it around my brothers and Lou is a nickname we use for my sister.

Watch For: The conversation between Dee-Dee and his friends about comic books. The child acting is hilarious.

5) Kenan & Kel(Two Heads are better than None) – Kel needs Water

Best Lines:

Roger: I promise you, everything is going to be fine. I wouldn’t let you go if there was any danger.
Kel: That’s easy for you to say, Mr. I Want to Stay with the Car!
Roger: Will you be quiet?!

I’m starting this off with another question, who is surprised Kenan made it big and Kel didn’t? As a kid, I always found Kel hilarious but as an adult, Kenan was obviously more funny. But in the television movie, “Kenan & Kel: Two Heads are Better than None,” Kel steals the show. The family car breaks down in the desert and our heroes decide to go search for help. Moments later, Kel seems to be struggling with the heat and on the verge of death. Just when you think you’ve lost Kel, Kenan turns around as the camera pans to his parents standing maybe 50 feet away and asks for some water.

Watch For: After only packing an umbrella and some underwear for the trip, watch who boasts after it begins raining.

4)  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Nicky’s new Boxing Coach

Best Lines:
Will: Momma said knock you out!

Will picks up Phil & Vivian’s youngest son Nicky from his boxing lessons with his coach, Helena. Will teases Helena about her sex, insinuating that women shouldn’t be boxing. The part most people remember from this episode is either Will getting knocked out or getting his comeuppance at the end. But my favorite part is the initial fight challenge. If you’ve ever been hit in the stomach, Will’s reaction to Helena’s punch is hilarious. It’s exactly how anyone would react.

Watch For: Will’s reaction after Helena punches him in the gut.

3) The Jamie Foxx Show – Westside Connection makes an appearance

Best Line:

Ice Cube: You need to check out the party later, it’s gonna be off the hook.
I’d love to!
Jamie: Uhhh Uhhh…Fancy what the hell?

As much as I enjoyed the “Jamie Foxx Show,” the most memorable moment of the show  for me was when Westside Connection made an appearance. For those who don’t know, Westside Connection is a popular gangsta rap group composed of Ice Cube, Mack-10 & WC. Jamie Foxx was at his finest in this episode as he managed to mix excitement, jealousy and confusion into one emotion. Anybody would be excited to see your favorite celebs, but after switching up his accent and claiming he should sagged his pants for the occasion, Jamie telling Fancy to “act like she’s seen someone before” is classic.

Watch For: Everybody but Ice Cube and Mack-10 lose their minds when WC rises to pay the hotel bill. “Don’t set it off, Don’t..set..it..off!”

2) Boy Meets World – And Then There was Shawn

Best Line: 

Shawn: Our soon-to-be first victom….
(Main cast looks at Kenny)
Kenny: Me? Why me?
Corey: Well Kenny it’s certainly not going to be any of us!

Most shows do some sort of holiday-themed episodes but there was none that stuck with me more than the Halloween special of “Boy Meets World.” The episode was built like the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and even featured an appearance by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Eric was up to his usual tricks as the gang tried to figure out who was killing everyone off. If I had to explain what I liked about the show, this episode would sum it up in one swoop. NOTE: I had to use myspace video as Youtube doesn’t have the episode thanks to Disney.

Watch For: Will Friedle’s character Eric’s facial expressions throughout the entire episodes


1) Martin – TITO!!

There were so many classic moments but I picked the “Hollywood Swinging” episode as my favorite. Martin goes to Hollywood to appear on a talk show and threatens to fight at least two Michael Jackson look-a-likes. Terrible look-a-likes. “Michael” finally catches up to Martin and sucker punches him, starting a fight. I remember this episode vividly because I laughed so hard kool-aid came out of my nose. Being a fan of Michael Jackson, if you can’t laugh when Michael screams “Tito!” or when Martin claims he bought La Toya’s album then you don’t have a soul.

Watch for: The awful Michael Jackson voice that sounds more like a bad Eddie Winslow impression.

Honorable Mention:
Wayans Bros – Six Degrees of Marlon episode
Martin – Varnell Hill
Kenan & Kel – Ron Harper episode
Fresh Prince – Oprah episode
Family Matters – Carl & Urkel vs The Dragons
Home Improvement – Tim demonstrates the use of a saw

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