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Question: Where Are the good Horror Movies?

Can someone please give me a good answer?

The horrifying Michael Myers, of Halloween fame has no idea

For those of us who find a certain satisfaction in paying for a movie with hopes of getting terrified, we have been left unsatisfied for the most part. Horror movies of the last decade for the most part have been unable to leave me checking dark corners. They have been unsuccessful in spooking me so much that I don’t feel safe within the confines of my own home….and this worries me.

Now a question that I seem to get from people who don’t enjoy the horror genre, “Why would you want to get scared while watching a movie?” I suffer from what is known as THE HORROR PARADOX. For me, watching a unexpectedly great horror movie is an incredible experience. It is equivalent to how a person who loves roller coasters feels when they find a bad-ass coaster inside of a seemingly unflattering theme park. It’s the same feeling for me as it is for an avid snowboarder when he or she finds that perfect, steep slope in the middle of a snowy, Colorado winter day. It’s enough to leave me excited for the next six months after seeing the movie. Continue reading

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