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Battle of the Posse Cuts: Lil Wayne’s “Outro” vs. Lil Jon’s “Grand Finale”

Who doesn’t love a good posse cut? Launching the careers of rappers such as T.I., Busta Rhymes and Nas, the posse cut has always been a beloved piece of hip-hop history. As a fan, who doesn’t appreciate a group of emcees coming together amicably to make good music? And the best part is that everyone brings their best rhymes! No one wants to be outshined by another rapper on a track. Everyone wants to have the memorable verse that has men and women across the world trying to figure out the words and spit verses while riding down the freeway.

While listening to the new favorite album of suburban teenagers everywhere, Tha Carter IV, I was intrigued by the final track that Wayne leaves us viewers with. Continue reading

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HELP! I’m Lost and can’t find my career..Lost Rapper of the Week: 8.22

Denzel as Malcolm X – I’ve been clean for eight years.
Friend – Eight years?
X -Eight years.
F – My trouble is, I love pigs feet and white women too much. So I damn sure can’t be no Muslim.
X – That’s because you’re lost, brother. That’s because you’re lost.

There comes a time in every rapper’s career where he or she has to take a look in a mirror and ask themself…”Am I doing everything I can in order to be successful?”

Sometimes the answer to this question can be hard to figure out and sometimes it can be simple. Busta Rhymes has managed to stay relevant and alive by posting memorable verses and freestyles alongside popular artists of each time period(See DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win (Remix)” or ” Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”). Call it what you want but I call it an artist finding other ways to reinvent him or herself.

But for every Busta, you have a Juelz Santana. Continue reading

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