Lost Rapper of the Month: February

It can be hard to be a long-term, successful rapper in the music industry today.

In today’s age, you have to get buzz by releasing mixtapes. You still have to gain more and more fans through the use of the internet and tours, but the difference between 2012 and 1998 is you can make great show money off of a mixtape. A gift and a curse.

The structure of the music industry is why most rappers don’t stick around for too long. After achieving some sort of buzz or recognition, most rappers eventually flame out. Jay-Z, Eminem, Snoop Dogg are all exceptions to the rule, mostly due to their ability to change with the times. Most emcees drift in and out of a “lost” phase where they can’t seem to generate buzz for their music or just flat-out disappear.

And so brings me to my next installment of the Lost Rapper of the Month: Cassidy.

Cassidy joins a list featuring past inductees, Yung Joc, Gucci Mane and Juelz Santana.
One of the most respected punchline rappers of all-time, Cassidy experienced commercial success with songs such as “Hotel” and “I’m a Hustla,” earning a gold plaque with his first album “Split Personality.” After a standout appearance on Swizz Beatz’s 2002 single, “Bigger Business,” Cassidy was immediately marketed as the next big thing.

Somewhere along the way, Cassidy became lost. Trouble with the law helped steer Cass on the wrong path as it has with various rappers over time. Cassidy was released from prison on March 2, 2006 after serving eight months for two counts of involuntary manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault, possession of an instrument of crime after his involvement in a 2005 shooting. When it seemed like he was on his way to recovering from his career lapse with his Apply Pressure mixtapes, he released the panned C.A.S.H. album which stood for “Cass Always Stays Hard.” SMH.

Hopefully 2012 can be a good year for one of Philadelphia’s finest emcees. Cassidy is rumored to be working on the third installment of his Apply Pressure series, working with former collaborator DJ Drama. Who knows what can happen if Cassidy has the energy and hunger to release quality tracks and collaborate with some of hip-hop’s hottest acts such as Rick Ross, J. Cole and Philly’s own Meek Mill. But for right now, Cassidy takes over February as the lost rapper of the month.

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