Lost Rapper of the Month: January

It’s that time again. I know it’s been close to a month since I’ve dropped some knowledge and truth about some of these rappers and their careers, but after going through an old Dipset mixtape of mine, I was immediately inspired to add to the Lost Rapper Hall of Fame……..

Juelz Santana.

At one time considered the next platinum-selling superstar of Roc-A-Fella Records, Juelz Santana started his career with two features off of Cam’ron’s “S.D.E.” album and gripped that into a record deal as a member of the Diplomats in 2002. After generating buzz by being prominently featured on Dipset mixtapes and his own solo tape, Santana rode a wave of praise and released his debut album, “From Me to U” in 2003, receiving a Gold plaque in the process.

After another Gold-certified album release(2005’s What the Game’s been Missing”) and a rumored collaboration album with Hip-Hop’s it-boy Lil’ Wayne, Juelz seemed to be on the top of his game and ready to make a splash on the game.

Until somewhere along the way, Juelz became lost.

In my opinion, the disbanding of the Diplomats is what put a dent in the career of Santana. While Jim Jones and Cam’ron continued to butt heads behind closed doors, Juelz aligned himself with Jimmmy and even performed on stage with 50 Cent, a sworn enemy of Cam’ron. Meanwhile, Born to Lose, Built to Win, the third album of Santana received numerous delays as proper singles couldn’t be found for the album.

“The Second Coming” was one of these “singles” that actually received attention and buzz within the Hip-Hop community. Juelz couldn’t seem to capitalize on this as he seemed more concerned with launching I Can’t Feel My Face, a collaborative effort with Lil’ Wayne, than launching his own album. As Wayne gained more and more popularity, it seemed as if the project would never be released and to this day, it hasn’t.

In 2009, Santana teased his fans by releasing a horrible single with upcoming rapper Yelawolf titled, “Mixin’ Up the Medicine” before getting in legal trouble after having his music studio raided by police. Charged with possessing a firearm, handgun and possession of a controlled substance.

For 2012, Juelz Santana can find himself and his career with the release of more music. He has a very steady fan base full of people who still think he can come out tomorrow and run New York. Juelz should forget about the project with Lil’ Wayne, focus on his album as well as music for the upcoming Diplomats album. Until Santana figures this out and stands out as his own person instead of following behind Cam’ron & Jim Jones, he’s lost. The hunger is still there(as evidenced by his hungry performance on the Lloyd Banks smash hit, Beamer, Benz or Bentley, but it will take more than a feature or two to join rap’s elite.

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