Random Thoughts on Hip-Hop and Sports

Here are 20 of the most random, current thoughts I’ve had on Hip-Hop music and sports within the last month:

1. The game needs T.I. Never thought I would say that but it does.

2. Big Sean is growing into his own as an artist.

3. Jeezy is going to push back TM103 once again. #shotsfired

4. And speaking of Jeezy….does he even have a buzz now?

5. This Nas song, “Tower Heist” with Rick Ross sounds like an updated and better version of “Nas’ Angels….the Flyest” off the Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack. Neither song really is Nas’ style in my opinion.

6. Pharrell(producer of “Nas’ Angels” and T.I.’s new song) isn’t the same anymore. In 2002, his beats were quirky and addictive. In 2011, his beats are quirky and uninteresting.

7. I’ll admit it…I enjoy a good beef from time to time. But if it’s going to be the new type of beef where artists just shoot subliminal shots without ever acknowledging who and why, I could do without it.

8. I can’t think of a rapper from Atlanta that I don’t like. From Dro, to Travis Porter to Future, they all bombard my iPod with their catchy hooks and infectious beats.

9. Somebody help Soulja Boy. Don’t want to see him spiral out of control even more so than he already has.

10. Not a fan of French Montana….sue me. I’d be willing to listen if anyone had any suggestions though.


1. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure out how Mike Brown swung this Palmer trade with Oakland.

2. Football has me caring less and less about the World Series. Pujols hit three home runs in Game 3 and I didn’t even care.

3. LSU is the best team in the nation and probably on their way to another National Championship.

4. Anybody else feel like clawing their eyes out over the possibility of no NBA basketball??

5. That means no more Blake Griffin dunks, fantastic comebacks by awful teams, impending greatness of Derrick Williams, Kobe Bryant still hitting game winners at age 49(or will he be 67 this season), cheap elbows from Kevin Garnett,random screams from Carlos Boozer during Bulls Games, Derrick Rose for an encore….I’m getting sick thinking about this.

6. When I don’t have a tennis major to watch, I feel lost.

7. The world is putting way too much pressure on Andrew Luck. This may be the first quarterback prospect that I’ve never heard a negative thing about.

8. I’m actually trying to watch and care about hockey other than the Stanley Cup playoffs.

9. Jim Caldwell or Tony Sparano? Who gets fired first? I’m going to say Sparano.

Tony Sparano Struggle Face

10. Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but he makes Denver Broncos’ games 10x more interesting.

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