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Future – Tony Montana – My New Favorite Video

It’s not the greatest rap video I’ve ever seen.


It’s not the most lyrical video of all-time.


But I can say this, in the past six months, no rap music video has made me feel more like a Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Hip-Hop and Sports

Here are 20 of the most random, current thoughts I’ve had on Hip-Hop music and sports within the last month:

1. The game needs T.I. Never thought I would say that but it does.

2. Big Sean is growing into his own as an artist.

3. Jeezy is going to push back TM103 once again. #shotsfired Continue reading

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Look back and laugh: Friday Night Lights

On early February of this year, 2% of America saw its love affair with sports drama television series “Friday Night Lights” end after a five-season run. Although never finding a sustainable audience, FNL was beloved by fans for its realistic portrayal of Middle America and the love affair people have for football. Being from a small Southern city, I was able to relate to many of the characters and their ongoing issues within the show. I will argue with anyone that the football was the worst part of the show. Continue reading

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Three Television Shows I Need to be Watching

As a fan of television, I feel as if it is my duty to watch the best shows available. Ever since I’ve been able to speak, I’ve always found myself learning more from television than any other medium. I can tell you exactly where a clutch is a located on a vehicle from watching Doug, first learned of the SAT college entrance test from Boy Meets World and the deadly combination of E! True Hollywood Stories and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has taught me more about murder and crime scenes than I’d ever like to know. It took one fateful day in 2009 for me to realize at the time that “reality” television had taken over my life. It was then that I decided to watch better television. Continue reading

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