W.I.L.T. – What I’m Listening To 8/11/11

It’s been a big week for music. This Tuesday saw retail releases from hip-hop heavyweights Jay-Z and Kanye West, Atlanta trappers Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame and another release from DJ Khaled’s protegee Ace Hood. Today, I’d like to share some of the songs that have kept my Ipod burning over the past week in a series I’d like to call, WILT. What I’m Listening to.

Jay-Z and Kanye WestNew Day
Although admittedly not a fan of “Watch The Throne,” there were some tracks that definitely grabbed my attention. “New Day” in particular, is my favorite of the bunch. The RZA comes through with a soulful sample laced across a smooth, relaxing beat. Both men try and relay their hopes and dreams to their unborn children. “Sorry junior, I already ruined you,” Jigga begins making us all wonder why the RZA-Jigga combination doesn’t happen more often. This was the one track from arguably the most anticipated album of the year that I will still be listening to 8 months from now.

Ace Hood featuring Chris BrownBody 2 Body
Let me ask something before I start on why I like this song: Why on earth was this not released as the second single for the album? This among other reasons, is why Ace might have trouble selling some copies of “Blood, Sweat & Tears.” I like “Hustle Hard” and “Go N’ Get It” but “Body to Body definitely should have came second. If there is one thing I know in the music business it’s that you have to release a song for the ladies and a song for the streets. With that said, Ace Hood comes through with a catchy song which stands out because of a standout appearance from Chris Brown. This song rides well in the car and is a dramatic improvement over his first ladies track, “Ride” featuring my favorite R&B singer, Trey Songz.

Wiz Khalifa/Curren$y/Big SeanProceed
The three weed partners in hip-hop are reportedly working on a project together, as evidenced by the influx of songs released to the public. The best of the bunch is “Proceed,” a track that feels best served while puffing a J. Three different rappers with three unique styles that somehow mesh together, guess what that’s called folks? Hip-Hop. No matter who you think had the best verse, we all can admit that these bravado songs from these three should continue. “Proceed” is a perfect, mellow summer song that we all can sit and relax to.

Future featuring DrakeTony Montana(Remix)
Ever since I heard the beat to this song, I’ve been waiting to hear another rapper come and take control and slaughter this beat. It would have taken at least 50 guesses before I came to Drake. Apparently, Drake recorded his verse and sent it in so it wasn’t a live recording. It works somehow as Drizzy steps out of his usual comfort zone and successfully slides in the tough lane of rap. He gets my hype from the first line of the song, “On the hood you see the stallion, passenger a stallion…” Whether the appeal is Drake stepping out of his lane or me just enjoying the beat, the song works and mostly due to Drake.

Cam’ron & Vado featuring JazzSoulja
I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for samples. So that means most Cam’ron experiments cater to what I enjoy in music. With that said, the first leak from the next Cam & Vado mixtape “Boss of all Bosses 3” is an inspired thumper from three hungry emcees. Yes, I said three because the lone female on the track has the standout verse. It’s no Jane Doe verse from “Twice Inna Lifetime” but it still manages to standout amongst two established emcees. With hopefully more Jazz and more sample-laced tracks like “Soulja,” “Boss of all Bosses 3” sounds like it’s shaping up to be as good if not better than the previous releases in the series.

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