“Red Nation” banned; Maybach Music makin’ moves

Compton’s favorite nephew Game has a new video banned from television. Can you guess what may have caused Viacom to ban the controversial rapper’s new video? 

Game "Showing his colors"

If Game’s affiliation with the infamous Blood gang was any part of your guess, you were correct. Now this isn’t the first time Game has had these issues, his “One Blood” video was banned until the Youtube video received over a million plays.
Funny thing is, Game finds the whole ordeal funny.   “Guess ya single gotta be called ‘Bubble Gum’ to get love ha ha ha…” Game said.

No Game, it doesn’t have to be called “Bubble Gum.” Maybe it just needs to not be associated with a universally frowned upon group that is associated with the numerous amount of crime cases in the United States.

These rappers that love to openly support gangs because they feel it boosts their street credibility, should find a new image, nobody wants to support a rapper who openly supports a street gang(Don’t even get me started on Lil’ Wayne). Considering I like Game and find him to be one of the more talented rappers in the hip-hop world, I hope he can find himself because right now he’s drifting off into lost territory. 


Today also marked the release of a new song from Maybach Music Group’s debut compilation album, “By Any Means.” The song features some nice verses from new signees, Meek Mills, Wale, Pill and a chorus from C.E.O. Rick Ross himself. 

Maybe this will start a trend. Some of the more lyrical rappers in the game(Joe Budden, Canibus, Cassidy etc  I’m talking to you), why not get on some better beats. As a huge fan of the more lyrical rappers in the game for the most part, I don’t think it would hurt to hop on some better beats.

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