One Brother to Another (How I do things)

What is “One Brother to Another?” It’s one brother trying to help another. Whether it be music opinions, movies, waves, the opposite sex, food etc, I’ll be giving my unsolicited opinion and providing whatever help I can. The point is to provide a place where people can visit and read about all things pop culture.

The editorials section will be where I give my opinion on a random topic of the day in order to spark discussion, I will use it to rant and I will go into different topics with each post. I will also eventually launch weekly Q&A’s where I will answer questions from anyone about anything.

The news section will be where I post my favorite buzz-worthy news stories from the week, along with maybe a short sentence describing what I like or dislike about the story.
Movies and music?
With movies, I usually go see a movie and rate the movie based on how well the story flows, acting abilities of the leads, and the climax. I do simple star ratings for movies and since I see most new movies as they come out, reviews will come frequently.
Music is a bit of a different story, I give an album at least three listens. After years and years of listening to music, I’ve found that it takes a minimum of three listens of an album to form a legit opinion. My third listen is also what’s known as a “Whip Spin.” For those who don’t know, a whip spin is basically listening to music in your car. I need to do this in order to see how a cd will sound while cruising. Music can sound completely different when listening in your car compared to headphones or computer speakers.

Image by – Exactly what it says: the song, mixtape or album is WACK. Unlistenable. 1/5

 – One Fire.Weak overall song. Beat may not work for the artist, lyrics may be absolutely terrible. Although a song or album with this rating has multiple problems, it is at least listenable.  2/5
 – Average song. So-So beat, so-so lyrics. Can be catchy but nothing special about the song.album whatsoever. Not great but it’s not horrible. 3/5

 – Good lyrics, good beat, guaranteed to get the club jumping. Song, album or mixtape will be in rotation but is missing one or two things from calling it “Flames.” 4/5

Image by–  Certified BANGER. Beat is perfect, lyrics work for the song, guaranteed to be in rotation for the upcoming weeks and maybe months. Should be, if not already, a street smash. 5/5

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